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Wakamatsu Plein Air workshop

Wakamatsu Plein Air Painting Workshop—Materials List

Sketching easel
Two, 11”x14” canvases or canvas panels
Painting umbrella (optional)

Brushes and palette knife:
Hog bristle brushes: No’4 & No’8 filbert or short flat
Synthetic or sable brushes: no’2 rigger or no’ 2 round
Palette knife with an approx 2” “blade”

Paints—choose between oils or acrylics:
Transparent earth yellow or burnt sienna,
Alizarin crimson hue;
Ultramarine blue,
Hansa yellow light or cadmium lemon,
Replacement flake white or titanium white

Optional additional colors if you want a broader range of colors:
Hansa yellow medium or Cadmium yellow medium
Naples yellow hue
Yellow Ocher
Cadmium red medium or napthol scarlet
Cerulean blue hue

If painting in oils:
Odorless mineral spirits in a paint canister
Walnut Oil

If painting in acrylics:
Water canister
Stay-wet palette (optional)

Clothing etc
Apron or a long sleeve shirt you don’t mind getting paint on
Latex gloves or barrier cream
A broad-brimmed hat
Shades for when you are not painting
Water bottle
Bring layers to wear